Priority Thrust Areas

The SWOT Analysis of enterprises of the district resources was also done. The basin of river Ganga and Ghaghara and other small tributaries like Touns and Maghai have soils with good climatic condition, sufficient rainfall, optimum groundwater table, good irrigation facility which are the strength. Low adoption of high yielder varieties, poor seed replacement rate, imbalance use of fertilizers, negligence of plant protection measures, about 30% area affected by flood and water logging due to poor drainage facility and small holding size are the weakness. Light textured soil with good irrigation facilities, success of lentil and other pulse production in heavy textured soil in the district are the good indicators of good opportunities. Lacks of marketing facilities with poor mechanism of backward and forward linkage are the major threats.

An attempt has been made to work out feasible extension strategy needs for the district. A deep thought has also been given to intensely and diversely suitable/ adoptable farming system in order to fully utilize the natural resources available at the command of the farmers taking a holistic approach. The efforts have also been made to sort out thrust points for agenda for Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sohaon, and Ballia annual action plan addressing research, extension and development activities. The thrust points are as follows:

  1. Seed replacement, seed treatment, and plant protection measures including IPM.
  2. Balanced use of fertilizers and nutrient management.
  3. Testing of location specific varieties along with selection of suitable local varieties.
  4. Need based farming system.
  5. Development of marketing linkage.
  6. Immunization and AI camps organisation at village with co-operation of line department.
  7. Breeding and feeding management practices of livestock required greater attention.
  8. Soil and Water management including improved irrigation technology such drip and pressurized irrigation system.
  9. Emphasis on cash crop.